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April 3rd, 2011

  I’m really excited to share a major piece of news in my gaming career with all of you guys. Together with my wife I will be leading a new one-man team, “Team Grubby” if you will. As I apply and commit myself to StarCraft II, I will be supported in this by my main sponsor. SteelSeries has done a lot for eSports and thus its fans; sponsoring tournaments, teams and now their first individually sponsored player. With SteelSeries’ support, I can develop myself as a player, visit tournaments and support myself as a professional gamer. 

  In a more direct way, I can continue to use the excellent gaming equipment that I’ve grown to love over the past years already. I use full SteelSeries gear for a few years already, and this has helped me to win dozens of tournaments, including the World Cyber Games, Electronic Sports World Cup, World eSports Masters, World Series of Video Games and BlizzCon. For more information on my exact gaming set-up, see the Q&A below.

  It’s been two and a half months since I started with Starcraft 2, and I’ve grown to love the game a lot. Improving day by day, I am motivated to grow as a player. I know it would be a big challenge to catch up with the other players who had been playing for a year already, but with your support, I feel that I could just be up to the task. I’m grateful to all my fans for choosing to follow me on my journey to be one of the top players in Europe. I will play hard and continue to bring you my best.

  I’ve gotten a round of questions already at MLG Dallas (my debut event as a solo player) and through Facebook & Twitter and so on, that I thought it’d be nice if I do some FAQ’s.

Will you be joining a team?
I am a one-man team for now, just like White-Ra. I’ve learned enough over the past 8 years that I’ve been doing pro-gaming to know how to manage most things myself. Of course, I will be aided by my wife (Cassandra) and some cool people I’ll be working with. The knowledge and experience of my sponsors, partners, people who have volunteered to help me and people I’ve hired to do things, will all help out in a big way.

Without team mates, how are you going to train? 
I will continue to train as I always have. Training on ladder; training with friends and practice partners; and by myself.

Grubby with his friend, TLO
Grubby with his friend, TLO

Are there any other players maybe going to join the Grubby team?
It would have to be a mannered, professional, talented and hard-working player. I’d love to give such a player a chance to develop himself with proper support and guidance if the time is right for it.

Will you be looking for any more sponsors?
Yes. Getting more sponsors would provide me with the chance to visit more events, be a professional gamer for longer, do more activities or projects for the fans and maybe even allow me to support other talented gamers with sponsorship.

Grubby taking pictures with his fans
Grubby taking pictures with his fans.

How will you going solo affect the amount of tournaments you visit in the future?
Starting up for myself could of course be challenging in the start. I have one great sponsor and a few partners already. I’ll continue to work hard both in the game and outside so that I could land more sponsorships. This would help me to travel to the awesome tournaments around the globe.

What’s your current set-up for gaming?
I’m using the SteelSeries Ikari Laser on their 5L semi-hard semi-soft mouse pad, the 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard and the 7H headset (I choose the provided leather ear cups for sound isolation).

Will we be able to see you streaming again any time soon?
Once I get back to the Netherlands (April 6th), I’d love to enjoy the company of my fans through my streaming once again. It’s great to chat in between games and have an audience spectate as I attempt to get into Grandmasters League, train and have fun. A bunch of people came up to me at MLG to say how much they enjoyed my stream. I’m glad you feel the same way as me about it! :p So see you guys soon on my stream.

You have a really cool Jersey! Is there any way for fans to order shirts just like it?

Grubby competing at MLG Dallas
Grubby competing at his first big SC2 tournament, MLG Dallas.

Grubby competing at his first big SC2 event
Grubby gaining tournament experience at MLG Dallas, 1st - 3rd April 2011

Thanks, glad you like it! I developed it together with Enuzi Clothing, one of my partners. It was supposed to be something that’s comfortable and looks good, and I’m really happy with it. I plan to offer the same jersey to fans in the future; coming soon! 

Before then, there’ll be a contest on my Facebook page where two participants will be able to obtain an exclusive autographed Grubby jersey. To enter the contest and have a chance to win, just become a fan of the Grubby page and follow the contest rules. Two lucky winners will be chosen.

Autographed Grubby Jersey.

Grubby jerseys give-aways at Grubby Facebook page.

This contest should go live today or tomorrow! So check back on my Facebook for more details.

Warmest Regards,

Fans, press and interested sponsors can email to: 

Grubby’s portals:
Website: (coming soon)
Facebook Page:

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